OutKasted Conversations, Season One

On the 20th anniversary of Outkast’s presence in hip hop, I hosted a series of conversations with scholars, fans, and artists about the significance of Outkast’s music and spirit in how we understand African American popular culture. Please note that biographical information about the interview subjects has been updated to reflect their current positions.

Kiese Laymon on Outkast and the art of storytelling.

Treva B. Lindsey, Ph.D on Body Politics in Outkast

Imani Perry, Ph.D on Outkast and the Urban South

Zandria F. Robinson, Ph.D on Outkast and Urban Ethnography

Brad “Kamikaze” Franklin on Outkast, Southern Hip Hop, and Activism

Mychal Denzel Smith on Outkast Navigating Toxic Masculinity

DJ Jelly on Outkast Before Player’s Ball

Birgitta Johnson, Ph.D on Outkast and the Atlanta Mega-Church Scene

Maurice Hobson, Ph.D on the Socio-Historical Aspect of Outkast

Bettina Love, Ph.D on Outkast and Hip-Hop Pedagogy