“In 2014, I wondered why there wasn’t more celebration of OutKast, the iconic duo who proved “The South got something to say.” I took it upon myself to pay homage to OutKast with OutKasted Conversations, a critical dialogue project that was supposed to be a limited run of 5-10 interviews but ended up being over 40 episodes. With the first run, I wanted to put traditional academic inquiry alongside the creators, the fans, and the journalists: people who know more about OutKast and hip hop that didn’t get the shine they deserved. I wanted to show and prove how criticism existed outside the academy, its stuffiness, and its hateration of the South. With this fresh crop of interviews in season 2 of the series – I can’t believe there’s second season, ya’ll! – I wanted to stay true to my vision but step my game up. Many thanks to the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship for helping me make my goal a reality. While more polished in editing and appearance, this update to OutKasted Conversations pushes the idea of critical inquiry past the ivy tower. Its roots are Still southern as hell. And proof the South STILL got something to say.” Regina Bradley, PhD