About OutKasted Conversations

In 1994, scholar Tricia Rose published her seminal study Black Noise, the academy’s introduction to what would become known as hip hop studies.

In 1995, southern hip hop pioneer Andre “3000” Benjamin delivered the rallying cry for the Hip Hop South, a younger generation of Black southerners turning to hip hop to help them speak their truths, with his emphatic declaration “The South got something to say!”

In 2019, Southern hip-hip scholar Regina Bradley is building upon both Rose’s work and Benjamin’s prophetic mantra with the OutKasted Conversations project, a website dedicated to the documentation and archiving of southern hip hop scholarship. While OutKast is a seminal part of this project, it is not the only purpose of this website. Bradley’s hope and expectation is to use this space to document and more broadly expand the conversations around southernness, race, identity, and class as they connect to hip hop culture.

The South STILL got something to say.

An Emory Center for Digital Scholarship Project